Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT ~ Animal Communication

Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT I am a Psychic/Medium. I am also a Pet Psychic-Animal Communicator. .I can telepathically talk to animals that are alive and spiritually to ones that have passed on. This can possibly help with pets that have behavioral or health issues. YES! I CAN TALK TO THE ANIMALS!!!

I also do Spirit Readings, Animal Communication, and Guide and Power Animal Readings. I work with Cards and Runes. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Certified Natural Health Professional. I work with Kinisiology, Angels and my Guides to receive and confirm messages.

I have been on Positive Perspectives Radio, Paranormal Radio, and I have Lectured all over Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. I am looking forward to doing a reading for you! With infinite love and gratitude, liz 440-552-9915

Presentation Time: Sunday 2:00-2:50 Lecture room A

Full Lecture Description

Animal Communication- Why would you want me to talk to your pet

This lecture will be about how I talk to your pets. It is a telepathic communication if they are alive and spiritual if they have passed on. I explain how it is done and what the benefits are to talking to them. Also, I talk about different ways to possibly help them with their issues. I will answer one question about your pet if you like.

About the Presenter

Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT
• Certified Natural Health Professional
• Natural Health and Energy Consultant
• Reiki Master-Teacher
• Animal Communication/Pet Psychic
• Spirit Reader
Animal Communication: If you would like to know what your pet is thinking or would like to tell them something, I am able to telepathically communicate with animals. I can also talk to your pet that has passed on. Cards or Animal Runes: I can give you an insight into love & relationship, destiny & life path, or career & finance.
Guide and Power Animal Readings: Find out what animals or people you have around you for guides, and who your Power Animal is. Spirit Readings: If you would like to get a message from someone that has passed on, or find out if you have a ghost in your home, I can help you with that.
 If your pet is having a health or behavior issue, a Bach Flower may help them.  Bach Flower Recipes are all natural and they work on emotions which is where a lot of issues come from. I do Natural Health and Energy Work. I use these energy modalities: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Qi Gong, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I teach Reiki, clear Chakras, and have Gemstones for healing.
I am looking forward to helping you or your pet feel better or just stay healthy on a natural path.
With infinite love and gratitude, Liz 440-552-9915