Messages from Spirit with Rev. Mary Haeberle & Rev. Constance Field

Messages from Spirit Gallery Style Readings

Saturday 1:00am-1:50pm in Lecture Room B

Soul Sisters Messages From Spirit Gallery Style Readings with Rev. Mary Haeberle & Rev. Constance Field. This is a free public demonstration of mediumship allowing some audience members to receive short but meaningful messages form loved ones in spirit.Rev. Mary Haeberle & Rev. Constance Field are evidential Mediums and ordained ministers. Both are graduates of two renowned schools of mediumship. Fellowships Of The Spirit, Lily Dale New York and The Inner Spiritual Center for Evidential Mediumship in New Jersey. We promote integrity through evidence in our readings. Our purpose is to bring awareness of the continuity of life after death while bringing hope and healing through messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Our wish is to serve Spirit by bringing love, healing and peace of mind to all in need.

Learn more about them at: www.soulsistersevidential.comĀ