Ross Cessna ~ Path of the Phoenix

Ross Cessna will share how his journey with mental illness and addiction became one of his greatest blessings. He will offer practical tips and tools to help you transform difficult life experience into a spring board to a better life.

Presentation time: Sunday 1:00pm Lecture room B

Full Lecture Description

Path of the Phoenix – Rising from the Ashes (channeling trauma into growth)

This presentation illustrates how you have a choice in what major life events mean to you. Do you want to be a victim to circumstances or the benefactor of a great gift? Ross will explain some of his own journey and share how what he has learned applies to you directly. It is a fun and interactive talk which will include some of the material he charges for in paid Life Coaching sessions.

About the Presenter

Ross Cessna is an artist, author, podcast host, poet, tarot reader, life coach and so much. The end of his life as he knew it caused him to grow a direction he never thought possible. He shares his insight and experiences so that others have the opportunity to grow from them.

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