Sarah Stabler ~ The Body Talks – Are you listening?

Sarah Stabler, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach presents The Body Talks, inspired by 10+ years of experience helping hundreds to create a balance between the mind, body & being allowing them to reframe their experience of pain, illness and more.

Presentation Time: Sunday 12:00-12:50 lecture room B

Full Lecture Description

The Body Talks! Are you Listening? Believe it or not, your body has a voice. It’s attempting to communicate valuable information regularly, the question is are you listening? And, if you are, do you know how to interpret that information? In this lecture Sarah Stabler, a certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle coach with 10+ years of experience in Body Psychology touches on 5 major myths about health that keep you stuck & sick. Sarah shares a few of her favorite ways to begin creating a better relationship with your mind, body & being.

About the presenter:

Sarah Stabler is a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach with 10+ years of experience helping hundreds of people to create better relationships between the mind, body & being allowing them to reframe their experience of pain, illness and more.
Sarah’s level of knowledge and experience stems from her personal experience of health in which she has successfully healed over 6 invisible illnesses and radically improved her health by using a combination of science based research, study of western & eastern health philosophies, and a variety of metaphysical healing modalities.
In addition to being a Licensed & Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist Sarah holds advanced training and certification in:
Health & Life Coaching
Mindfulness Practitioner & Instructor
Positive Psychology Coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Holistic Nutrition & Herbalism
Science of Happiness
Behaviors, habits & psychological patterns
Somato-Emotional Responses & Psychoimmunity
and a variety of bodywork & healing modalities.
Sarah’s mission is to assist as many people as possible to take back their lives from over-reactive survival instincts that are keeping a large majority of society stuck in states of illness & disease.  Health is not just about the body it is about how we experience our world & reality.  Sarah desires to tip the scales so that more people are not just existing or surviving, but thriving and enjoying their lives.  It’s time for us as a collective to step up more than ever to contribute to the betterment of the planet, which starts with the people who live here.
Facebook & Instagram: @SarahStablerHolsitics