Shawna Sudyk ~ Spotting Your Limiting Beliefs Through Communication

After a string of life changing events, Shawna realized ONE BIG THING that that was holding her back from thriving in life. Join in and learn some tools and tricks to powerfully communicating with yourself and others. Start intentionally creating your reality TODAY.

Presentation Time: Saturday 3:00pm Lecture Room D

Full Lecture Description:

I’m holding you and your relationships back but you can’t see me. What am I?

I will be speaking about limiting beliefs that hold us back from life, relationships and our dreams. I’ll cover 3 ways to notice the beliefs, which are also tiers from beginner to expert. A lot of the conversation is about how we speak to ourselves and others but I plan on opening it up for conversations or questions if time allows.

About the Presenter:

Shawna Sudyk

Hey everyone! My name is Shawna Sudyk. Now, I know no one REALLY wants to admit this about themselves, but I’m a human. A practicing human to be clear, just like the rest of us (I see you over there, not wanting to admit it – but you’re in a meat suit just like the rest of us! Own it.).

I’M ON A MISSION to show people that we can powerfully lead our own lives in the direction of our dreams and desires. And, to give permission for you to understand that you have unlimited potential… that it’s not too late – and you CAN do it.

Your thoughts and your history DO NOT define who you are. You get to change your reality because you CAN change your personality.

I’ve lived many lives and and I finally understand that to live the life I WANT, I get to take radical responsibility for myself and my past. And, teach you to do the same for yourself.

How we communicate with the world is my jam. Words, thoughts, actions, feelings…

Rebounding from a debilitating disease has shown me how beautiful our opportunity is here. It’s also showed me how to care for my body and mind to be a more powerful creator.

It’s also shown me what’s important to me. And that’s spreading this message of possibility to YOU.

Step into your personal power, self-expression and mindbody connection and start creating your life NOW.

Oh, and to toot my own horn, I’m also the founder of GoldMind, llc which is my personal coaching company. I help people who know it’s time for change realize that the have to power to reach it all.

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