Developing your Psychic Gifts and Abilities for Personal & Business Success ~ Camille Conti

During this talk you will learn how to identify some of your psychic gifts and abilities and how to develop and manage them. You will also be inspired to become more aware of your life’s meaning up to this point and your soul missions moving forward. Leave with more clarity about who and what you are and your divine purpose. This class is for everyone, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Camille offers one on one tutoring, mentoring and coaching as well a Certification Course!

hen Camille does a reading, healing, training or consultation session; she receives very direct, detailed and specific information that comes in order of priority of importance for your life and for your highest and greatest good and the intentions of your heart and your soul. She will write down the information that she receives from your higher self and your guardian angels and guides which she likes to refer to as your spiritual counsel. You will be able to take a copy of that home with you. First she calls in Divine- Father, Mother, Creator God, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Jesus and many of the Arch Angels to guide, protect, light up, heal, direct and bless you and your session.

If you want to breakthrough the glass ceiling in your life and go to the next level of success; Camille is an excellent success coach and intuitive to help guide you on your desired path and achieve the results you set your intentions on. If you would like to make your dreams and goals come to fruition once and for all and you feel that enough is enough.. Camille has mentorship programs that will step by step, help you to achieve all of your goals and dreams in the next 3 to 6 months in most cases and sometimes 12 to 24 months.

If you would like to develop your psychic gifts and abilities to help you with your business and personal life.. Camille has a certification course for developing your psychic gifts and abilities and also teaches you business development. If you would like to start a business or already have a business and would like to take it to the next level of success; Camille can help you create your desired outcomes and raise your profitability, employee retention and positive morale with sustainable, compassionate methods.

If you would like to cultivate more self love, self-confidence, trust in yourself and ability to set and keep your boundaries, peace of mind, happiness, security, financial stability and security, meet, court and marry your divine partner, raise your children with compassion and be an amazing parent, focus on your family while building your career and live your soul purpose.. Camille specializes in working with the total, complete, whole person!

In Camille’s private practice, her customized healing, mentorship, coaching and certification training programs are done one on one either over the phone, face time, Skype, zoom or in one of her offices in the Awaken store in the McKinley mall across from Victoria secrets in Hamburg, NY or her healing clinic at The Gateway Harbor, Natural Image Care Spa,
84 Sweeney St., Suite C6, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 on the waterfront!