Heal Your Gut To Restore Your Health ~ Sarah Carroll

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Sarah M. Carroll, EdD is on a mission to end human suffering with Superfoods. Learn how to remove glyphosate, detox your organs, nourish your cells and restore your body’s natural healing abilities, for less than one designer cup of coffee a day.

Heal Your Gut to Restore Your Health: Reverse and Heal From Glyphosate Poisoning

We live in the most toxic period of mankind’s history on earth. Constant, daily, unavoidable exposure to chemicals means our bodies are bombarded with substances they do not recognize. As the toxins and chemicals build up in our organs, they become overloaded and we get sick. Our bodies are tricked by foods that contain: artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, added sugars, added fats, anti-biotic and growth hormones found in meat and dairy; so much so, that obesity and type-2 diabetes are at epidemic rates among adults, young adults, and young children. In the past 100 years, our soil has been stripped of nutrients and inundated with mind-shattering quantities of chemicals, including glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup.

As a result, the available nutritive value of most foods is significantly less than what humans require to thrive. Babies are exposed to glyphosate in their mothers’ wombs, through breast milk; most shocking is that one of the first finger foods children eat, Cheerios, tests HIGHEST for glyphosate than any other food. Glyphosate disrupts hormones and presents as a multitude of autoimmune disorders. Melatonin, Serotonin, and Testosterone levels are misaligned leading to depression, suicidal thoughts, and whole host of physical ailments. Nourish the Cells and Detox the Organs, conventional wisdom for allowing your body to heal itself has been replaced with Detox the Organs and Nourish the Cells. I invite you to join me in learning how to do just that, for less than one designer cup of coffee a day.

Sarah M. Carroll, EdD, a retired Professor of Education, is on a mission to end human suffering and empower individuals to be their best with Superfoods and a healthy lifestyle. She and her husband Dennis live in the country where they enjoy gardening and parent three feline daughters.