Healing with Crystal Skulls ~ Michelle Falcone

If you have ever or NEVER experienced curiosity about Crystal Skulls, this presentation is for YOU! Learn about the role they have played in healing and sharing wisdom for thousands of years with Michelle and Mana the Crystal Skull.

Skulls have long been vilified in modern media. In fact, they have been used for thousands of years, across many religions, as holders of wisdom and healing. In this presentation, Michelle will share her personal story of being literally “called” to Florida to meet two of the ancient Crystal Skulls who are over 2000 years old. You’ll learn about the role Crystal Skulls have played throughout history and how they are so important to our awakening today. You will also meet Mana, a 43 lb quartz Crystal Skull who has been attuned to the wisdom and healing of several of the ancients. Feel free to bring your own Crystal Skulls to be attuned to this healing energy!

Michelle is a gifted intuitive and is trained in various healing modalities. She effortlessly blends them to create a unique experience for each client. The Heart-centered approach includes influences from Access Consciousness, Jikiden and Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Intuition, NLP and her own Crystal Frequency AttunementĀ®. Her healing offerings and readings combine intuition and various modalities and tools to create a roadmap to self-realization for her clients. Michelle believes that people bring their own healing with them and she creates and holds the space to allow her clients to step into their own gifts, intuition, power and purpose and to express it to the world in ways that empower those around them to step into more possibility. Michelle offers various events both at the HHH Center and in the surrounding cities focused on Women’s Empowerment, Healing, and Connecting to Source.




Instagram: @comehometoyourheart