Like a Moth to a Flame; the Empath and the Narcissist ~ Rian Dean

This presentation provides a different look at the seemingly unavoidable attraction often experienced by highly empathic individuals who constantly attract relationships, of all kinds, with those people who appear to be the most narcissistic. During this presentation, we will reframe the phenomena in such a way as to empower the Empath to be aware of the unconscious dynamics that are the root of these frustrating and even painful relationships. It’s not your fault, it’s programming!

Rian is an open Empath experienced in multiple energy healing modalities and processes to include Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Processes and SOP, Empathic Empowerment Training® and the Norse Runes. He also offers one on one coaching sessions to allow individuals and groups to create learning experiences that allow the total transformation of your life into anything you choose.

Rian Dean CFMW

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