Presenting Learning Y.O.U.(Your Own Understanding) ~ Dr. Kwaku L.C. Woods

Majors in Biol. and Psy. Webster Univ, RN-St. Louis Muni. School of Nursing, M.D.-Univ. of KY, Music-A.A. Com. Ass. Of Arts, Metaphysics & Noetic Sci. Degrees-Ashae Cultural Ctr. and the Akan United Order with Special Enstoolment at Larteh, Ghana.

A Medical Director at Intercounty Health Medical Systems, Sicily Island Medical Center, and Bienville Parrish Hospital, Arcadia, Louisiana; Dr. Woods was a consultant to Grambling University before moving to Cleveland and starting Prometheus of Ohio Inc./presently Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation.

He started formally in the realm of education in 2001 when an article in the “Plain Dealer”, (Cleveland Ohio), brought out the fact that CMSD was hiring several hundred teachers from India to teach math and science in elementary education. He thought that he should be helping fill the needed science education gap so he joined E=MC2, which was a pilot program to fill needed vacancies in CMSD.

Dr. Woods is now attempting his second Masters in Education at CSU. Since then, Dr. Woods has been V.P. of Operations for Prometheus of Ohio, a health education company, Alternative Health Editor for African American Lifestyle Magazine, author of the top edutainment novel of all times, (The Blessings of Slavery), recognized by the X-Prize Foundation as candidate for the 10 million dollar X-Prize for Innovations in Health, was invited to The United Nations in New York to attend the United Nations sponsored conference Incentive2Innovate, and teaches a revolutionary style of living that is called: “The Trivalent Understanding”.

He counsels both legal and political representatives and poses new solutions for the challenges of humanity.

“Dr. Kwaku L. Carlisle Woods RN M.D. MetD1 and colleague Dr. Asi Hameeda Rahman-Woods M.Ed MetD2, (known as Dr²), were the Personal Development Coordinators for the Coach Sam Rutigliano’s – (Ex-Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns)- Aiming Higher Program in the CMSD, Stem Educational Center for staff development, Kelly Ways Non-Profit Organization-Engaging Youth, CMSD Middle School-Health course, and Trivalent Understanding Noetics Edutainment Courses including Community Drumming Circles within the Cleveland Metropolitan area.” “They are uplifting humanity through the Trivalent Understanding Noetics, (T.U.N.), in the form of Edutainment, (educating while entertaining)

‘Presents Learning Y.O.U.’, (Your Own Understanding), focuses on understanding and learning the operations of human being-ness based on the Trivalent Understanding Noetics, (T.U.N.), which allows you a scientific view of the coordination of your material and non-material portions.” “The Trivalent Understanding Noetics (T.U.N.) is an operations manual for human perception, evaluation and action utilizing the oldest and most effective anthropological tools of human functioning-combined with the newest cognitive behavioral techniques.

The skills produced through this innovative combination have already been recognized by nomination of it’s creator for the 10 Million dollar ‘X-Prize’ for innovation in health and education as well as inclusion in the United Nations sponsored, ‘Incentive 2 Innovation Conference’ at U.N. Headquarters in New York.” “These skills include mechanisms for practicing use of the mind/spirit interface as well as Trivalent exercises that coordinate use of the spirit/mind/body holistically.” “ THE TRIVALENT UNDERSTANDING NOETICS (T.U.N.) IS NOT RELGIOUS!” “T.U.N. has been utilized by students who are Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Taoist – who have all become more affective human beings by using these techniques.” “The skills gained by learning the Trivalent Understanding Noetics (T.U.N.) ultimately enlarges a person’s concept of what and who they are.”

“This in turns leads to increased self-confidence, more rapid learning/studying abilities, increase social awareness, greater understanding of a person’s place in the community and family.” “Since Personal Development is largely the development of the persona – the amount of information regarding the person dictates the level of that development. T.U.N. provides information regarding the persona that is generally absent in all curricula, insight into that information and utilizing the Tools results in improved abilities and unique skills.”

“These skills will result in improved mental/emotional stability, improved sense of health and well-being, greater understanding of the their family/ancestors, improved literacy, more affective rest and markedly improved physical abilities.” “These improvements and changes are not the results of long dedicated practice. The Trivalent Understanding Noetics (T.U.N.) can change how you function – in as little as 133 seconds, (that’s right seconds).

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