Quantum Biology and Your Body ~ Mary Ford

Quantum Biology and Your Body [ Where the weird of Quantum Mechanics meets the world of your body’s molecular noise ]

With no formal training in Quantum Physics, Mary applies the concepts from her nursing career to aide her Quantum studies. What if the universe is showing us how to expand our bodies potential to heal through the quantum world?

How does photosynthesis relate to microbes in your body? How are enzymes able to speed up chemical reactions in the body by 10^20? ( If we applied that kind of catalyst to your walking pace you would be able to jump to the moon!) Is it possible to smell vibrations? Have you ever thought to yourself that the medical field is missing something? That there has to be a better way to treat patients / family / friends ?

This lecture will open up the structured traditional Western medical knowledge into quantum questions for us to examine greater possibilities of what may or may not be. Schrodinger Approved. This will take you through a short intro into quantum physics and a little bit of a review of high school chemistry- think atoms! From there we will dive into overviews of new studies in the field and how those studies correlate to our bodies. The goal is to open up the possibilities of what the body is actually capable of and learn new ways the body might actually be working.

Mary is a healer & medical intuitive who is expanding & pushing beyond her formal medical training as a Registered Nurse. It wasn’t until after she started doing energy work that she realized she had been tapping into some medical intuition while working as an RN on an ICU step-down unit. Mary desires to inspire and ask questions to propel the medical field into the quantum age of healing and bring what skills she has forward into the world to help you heal yourself. Mary does healings at HHH. She is a Reiki Master with Advanced Reiki Training, certified herbalist, and an Access Bars and Body processes. She also is a Photographer, creative artist, and mother of two.

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