Ready to Change Everything? ~ Rian Dean

How Much Change are you Willing to Receive?

Rian Dean is an open Empath who facilitates change where change has eluded you in the past. By applying specific process and energy healing techniques Rian helps you create the you, you never believed you could Be.

During this lecture, we will explore the true nature of the Universe, our lives, and the manner in which we create our experiences. You will experience several energetic and physical processes that will remove the blocks and beliefs preventing you from truly creating the life you dream of but never really believed you could create for yourself. All materials for this class are provided free of charge, all you need to bring is you… and maybe a friend!

Rian is an open Empath experienced in multiple energy healing modalities and processes to include Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Processes and SOP, Empathic Empowerment Training® and the Norse Runes. He also offers one on one coaching sessions to allow individuals and groups to create learning experiences that allow the total transformation of your life into anything you choose.

Rian Dean AP, AF, AFP, BPF, CFMW

Rian is also taking pre-bookings for appointments during the show. Click here to secure your time.