The Ins and Outs of Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Linda Street

Linda teaches that all can work with the Divine and the Divine Beings to access guidance, healing frequencies, and healing energies. Linda is a Spiritual Teacher and a student at the same time, an Author, an Intuitive and a Divine Energy Channel.

Linda will discuss spiritual enlightenment and spiritual growth and how it all works, from the perspective of energy. Personal experiences and examples will be incorporated throughout the presentation. Linda will be providing a general cleansing and healing for the members of the audience.

Linda Street began her serious studies in the world of energy in 2007. She began to complete energy healing certifications starting in January, 2010 completing Kundalini Reiki Masters Level, Usui Reiki Masters Level, in 2011 competing Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Advanced Level, in 2012 completing Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) Level 1 and in 2013 completed three Pranic Healing Courses with Master Steven Co.

Linda’s experiences evolved into Linda channeling a healing modality she called, the “Rays of Light” in 2013 and teaches today that everyone can access the “Rays of Light.” She authored a book titled, “Rays of Light” ~ Listen to the Dark” in 2014 sharing these teachings. In 2019, working with Divine Beings of Light, Linda channeled six Advanced Divine healing Meditations and incorporated each, alongside all the healing modalities Linda accesses, into a very deep cleansing and healing meditation titled, “Inter-Dimensional Energy Healing.”

Linda works side by side with beautiful and Divine Beings such as the Angels and Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters and the beautiful and Divine Beings in other dimensions to assist with the energy healing work that she offers. She teaches that all can work with these beautiful beings and access guidance, healing frequencies and healing energies. Linda continues to develop her gifts and considers herself a Spiritual Teacher and a student at the same time, an Author, an Intuitive and a Divine Energy Channel.

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