The Spirit of Aloha ~ Michele J Dragas

Cultivate ways to use the Spirit of Aloha to Create Heaven on Earth

Kumu Michele Dragas will be sharing ancient wisdom & hidden mysteries from the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands that will assist you to learn how to manifest Heaven on Earth.

Aloha is a common greeting in the Hawaiian Islands, but it is much more than a word; it’s an energy that carries and ancient vibration with powerful mystical properties. Learn the secret meaning and experience it’s energy and leave empowered in the full breath of Aloha to manifest Heaven on Earth!

Kumu Michele J. Dragas is a professional educator with 25 years of teaching on the collegiate level as well as a massage therapist, Reiki Master, and has been studying Traditional Hawaiian Healing with Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim for over 15 years where she has become a Kumu [teacher] in the Halau [school] of Lomi La’Pau [touch medicine] and is delighted to share the Aloha Spirit with you.

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