Edd Edwards

Edd Edwards is one of the most studied healers on the planet. Since 1994 when they were able to measure Bio Photon energy coming out of his body Edd has been at the center of the scientific community. He is being featured in a documentary that is nearing release as well as un comping appearance on a major television show (Details to be announced soon)

In addition to doing presentations at the Expo Edd will be staying an additional week to take private appointments and teach a one day workshop that gives people the tools to develop the same unique gifts that Edd was blessed with since birth:

In addition to Edds’s daily talks at the expo, he will be available the week after for private sessions, a group session, and a workshop to teach how to develop the same abilities he has.

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About Energy Edd


Formal studies on Edd’s unique abilities started back in 1994 by Dr. W.C. Levengood and Dr. John Gedye at Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake Michigan. They were able to measure large amounts of Bio Photon energy coming out of Edd’s body. Even more amazing they discovered that Edd had the ability to control this energy.

After 3 years of study, they authored the first peer-reviewed paper called: “Evidence for charged density pulses associated with Bioelectric Fields in Living Organisms. The there study lasted 14 years. Click here to view some of the findings.


Edd was introduced to the Bio-Energy Emissions Lab at the Rhine Research Center in Durham NC. Here they were able to observe Edd’s ability to control the biophotons that he is able to generate in his body to do a form of energetic healing activation.

He was also able to affect RNG (Random number generator) every time he increased the biophoton count over 300 photons per half-second. This is where they began doing duel EEG brain mapping.

Click here for more details about the finding at the Rhine Institute, and/or watch the video below.

PK findings at the Rhine in the video below


In 2015 the study of Edd’s abilities expanded to the University of Virginia with their Division of Perceptual Studies where the used advanced EEG brain mapping. Over a 2 year period, the study was able to prove that Edd’s brain operated differently from all others that had ever been studied since the 1970s. They were able to show that Edd’s brain was capable of operating full time from the Alpha to Theta frequencies simultaneously.

In the video below you can watch Dr. Ross Dunseath wiring Edd up to a 128 channel brain mapping cap.

All of these studies lead Edd to the Monroe Institute where Dr. Ross Dunseath serving as head of the formal research team observed Edd increasing his body voltage above 70 volts DC in under 10 minutes in addition to his energy partner that was able to accomplish 54 volts DC. This has opened up even more formal studies into this energy we create in our bodies using our highly awakened brains.

Click the link below to review the first published report from theses and studies on the bioelectric energies that we are capable to produce.

Monroe Institute Report.

Be sure to check out the workshop on October 26th if you would like to learn the tools to begin to develop this unique ability for yourself.