Empathic Healings

Preregister on our website for an Empathic Healing session for just $40.00 and save $10 off the event price of $50.00. Empathic Healing sessions may address any issue you wish to change encompassing the body, mind or Being. Each session will last between 20 – 30 minutes as needed.

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Rian Dean is an Empathic Energy Healer and Joyfulness Coach focused on empowering his clients to create any change in their lives they choose. Combining Empathic Empowerment Training® and Access Consciousness® body process and energetic facilitation Rian holds the space his clients require to create the changes in their lives they never believed were possible.

Empathic Empowerment Training® was created to assist the emerging Empath to understand the depth and potency of their gift. Empaths are those who are exceptionally sensitive to the energies of other people, places, and things. They are often so sensitive they lack the ability or understanding to identify what feelings, emotions, and energies are truly their own and what is actually felt by others. This may often create an intensity of feelings and emotions that overwhelm the Empath.

Empathic Empowerment Training® provides an energetic, emotional, and physical reframing that creates a new understanding of what the Empath is aware of and provides tools and techniques that facilitate an environment of peace and potency for the Empath. The era of the “wounded healer” has ended. Empathic Empowerment Training® allows the Empath to know and experience every energy as a contribution to their lives.

Rian is also a certified practitioner and facilitator in Access Consciousness® specialties including Access Conscious® Bars, individual Access Body Processes®, and The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift®. Access Conscious is a set of tools and processes that allow an individual to release and uncreate the limiting and even damaging, beliefs that are used to create their perceptions of their world. This frees the individual to create and actualize any change in their body, mind or Being they choose, even if they have never believed change was possible.

In addition to individual empowerment sessions, Rian offers monthly training workshops, seminars, individual and group coaching programs and is available for public speaking and group empowerment opportunities. How much of you are you willing to choose? How much change can you choose?

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Contact Name Rian Dean

Contact E-mail: healing@empathichealings.com

Contact Phone Number: (440) 9417828

Website: www.empathichealings.com