Healthy living is a lifestyle! ~ Jill Josselson

Do you dislike the word DIET? I know I do. A diet has so many negative connotations and it means more than a specific type of eating. It should be about your lifestyle and making food fun and delicious!

Jill has been working as a health coach for the past 6 years with the 30 Day To Healthy Living Program. Understanding that not all clients are the same, she works with clients to help eliminate the main allergens and to work towards a healthy plan to maintain success. Several different programs will be discussed to find what is right for you.

As a Shamanic Reiki Master and Energetic Wand Healer, Jill has worked with clients to find the maximum amount of benefit for them and their families. Jill has been a sign language interpreter for the past 25 years in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. She has taught at Kent State University and has been President of her state interpreting organization. Jill is currently building an Arbonne business to help people achieve their goals in life. She works with clients in a group or in a one on one setting. No goal is too small or too big!

So many weight loss programs and so many options on the market. How do you know where to go and which one to try that is best for you? The four-letter word DIET will start the discussion. Buzz words like KETO, Paleo, and Gluten-Free will be explained more in-depth for the expansion of your knowledge. Where should you start and what choices should you make? A plan for that will be presented and options are given for you to make an informed decision. Come ready to learn about what you can do to achieve your goals related to healthy living! It is more than just weight loss or a diet!

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