About Us

It is all about abundance

Holistic Health and Healing, originally founded as Higher Healing by Hank, started as a private healing practice and has developed into much more. HHH has become all about community and the idea of cooperation instead of competition. HHH serves as a hub to connect the community to products, services, events and experiences from the best holistic practitioners around, in addition to offering business solutions to support practitioners with administration and marketing services.

We show the spirit of abundance by collaborating instead of competing. We offer a free Holistic Business Directory where anyone can make a listing, in addition to a Community Calendar. plus our community Facebook Group and Meetup. We are striving to promote anyone and everyone that works to be of service to humanity.

Among the various events offered, the October Expo is by far one of the most significant. The foundation of the event was divinely inspired. One day a simple question was asked… “If we were going to put on an expo, where would it be?” A Google search and a phone call later, the first Holistic Health and Healing Expo was born. Now going on its fourth year, the event has grown to be over 25,000 square feet, housing over 100 vendors, and making available over three dozen free lectures over the two-day event. It truly is an event that offers something for everyone, and addresses all aspects of being.

Our goal was never to offer the “biggest event.” Our goal was to offer an event that truly represented solutions for body, mind and soul. One of our slogans is “Physics to Physicians and most everything in between.”

The expo would never have happened without the drive and support of Melissa Wiles, owner of Goddess Elite, and the vendor coordinator for the expo.

Meet the Founders

Hank Setala

Hank Setala

Cleveland Healer Founder Rev Hank Setala has always been a healer from birth, however he began his conscious spiritual journey in 2006 when he began his road to recovery from alcoholism. In his study of metaphysics he recognized that the 12 step...
Melissa Wiles

Melissa Wiles

Melissa has become a staple in the metaphysical community running the store Goddess Elite which has served as an education hub and resources to those who sought spiritual answers since 1985. Since Melissa took over the day to day operations of the ...