Creating Your Own Healing Garden

Plants have long been known to possess a wide variety of different healing properties. Whether it is through drinks such as tea, healing aromas, or other powerful effects, there are a huge number of benefits you can experience by being open to their power. One of the must fulfilling and satisfying things you can do is to create your own healing garden, where you cultivate and grow certain species which are meaningful to you.

There are a few constraints to this, so I will address these first. To start, not all plants can thrive in your climate. Do some research to figure out what conditions your plants will prefer. This will be things such as temperature, humidity, soil preferences, and water needs. While it is possible to raise many species with varying needs, it is quite difficult and perhaps should not be attempted until you have experience. Choosing a few simple species which can survive comfortably in your climate is a great way to start.

The healing power of plants is not limited to their physical effects either. It has long been reported that people who raise plants or garden report greater life satisfaction and a feeling of connectedness to the world around them. Caring for and cultivating a living entity can help bring more meaning to your life.

You may have to decide whether your garden can be outside or inside. If you live in a place with a temperate climate, or are ok with a seasonal garden, outside can be great. You will not have to worry about as many factors, and things such as sun and rain can naturally contribute to the growth of your plants. Additionally, animals such as bees can help plants such as flowers.

However, if you want your plants to live year round or have a harsh climate, you may have to dedicate some indoor space to your horticultural efforts. Design a small space with the moisture and lighting needs of your plants, and remember to make sure that the lights are providing sufficient light which mimics the light of the sun.

A healthy mix of plants with medicinal or herbal benefits such as those used in making tea, and a selection of plants chosen for aesthetic purposes such as flower will soon give you a beautiful garden. As you gain more experience, you can choose to include more and more wonderful species.