Feeling Stressed? Take a Breath


Stress can be a useful thing. If we are facing a deadline, worried about a coming challenge, or in a dangerous situation, it can be a powerful motivator. Stress can give us a burst of energy which motivates and allows us to solve the problem. However, many people experience unnecessary stress, or stress which is disproportionate to the challenge. In this case, excessive stress can lead to significant physical and mental damage. Learning to manage your stress properly can make huge changes in your life. Here are 2 natural and healthy ways for you to begin to decrease your stress.

  1. Meditation. One great tool to help manage stress is to practice meditation. There are many different ideas about how to meditate, and you may have to experiment to find a method which resonates with you. At it’s core, meditation is about quieting the rush around you, and looking inward for peace and silence. Be mindful of the thoughts and feelings you experience, and allow yourself to understand them. Often, understanding our fears and stresses is the first step in healing and moving on from them. When looking to help separate your mind from the stresses and pressures of daily life, one thing that can help is….
  2. Nature. Escaping the bustle of modern life and returning to nature can help us to put into perspective the issues that we face. While an experienced practitioner of meditation can often manage to find peace wherever they are, if you are struggling or simply looking for something different, escaping into a peaceful and beautiful environment can help you to develop a healing and healthy mindset. Additionally, the physical disconnect from the normal conditions of your life can aid in allowing you to view the circumstances of your life more objectively.
  3. Environmental Manipulation. Sometimes, simple changes in your environment can help to ground yourself when things seem to be falling apart. This could be something as simple as a plant, or piece of décor which is meaningful to you placed on your desk. Surrounding yourself with things which have meaning to you can be a powerful effector for positive mindsets. Additionally, you can include things such as scent therapy. Essential oils and other scented products can help change the atmosphere, and encourage you to feel comfortable, energetic, and at peace. These additions can be done easily, and will work quietly in the background, helping you feel complete.