Holistic Wellness: Exercise

The body has amazing power to heal, think and connect with the world around us. However, if we allow it to lose its edge, we can suffer immensely. Keeping your body in good physical condition not only helps you to live comfortably as long as possible, but also can help to stave of emotional, psychological, and other related problems. In many ways, exercise is the most natural of all remedies for problems. It is an amazing example. We can exercise our willpower to challenge and strengthen our body, giving it the tools it needs to fight off infection and stay strong.

Some of the benefits of exercise are immediate. While many of the changes which come to mind when people think of exercise take a considerable amount of time before they become evident, some of the benefits will occur almost immediately.

For example, putting your body through physically challenging exercises can help you to get a better night’s sleep. Studies have shown that after exercise, you are less likely to experience insomnia, and are more likely to be able to fall asleep quickly and deeply.

Additionally, there is a psychological element to it. The feelings of accomplishment and pride we can get when we do something difficult can help us to be more confident and clearheaded.

Other changes can take a longer time to be visible, but they are incredibly important. Over time, exercise can decrease your risk for a huge number of physical conditions which lead to health complications. This can save you money on medical bills, allow you to live more comfortably and healthily, and prevent your life from being cut short by preventable malady.

If you struggle to exercise it could be productive to keep a few things in mind. First, if you do not exercise frequently it will be difficult at the start. The first few days you will likely be sore, stiff, and exhausted. Push through it. The body is incredible and will begin to adapt within the very first week. Second, make small goals but be consistent. Even if it is something as small as a brisk walk for a few miles, your can see changes in your body. Again, consistency is key. Finally, looking for a trainer or friend to keep you accountable will be an incredible help. Find an expert in holistic healing who can help make sure you are approaching your workouts in a complete and healthy way.