Water: Hard to Beat

As chemists, scientists, and engineers have become more adept at not only creating molecules which interact with our tongues and bodies but also creating them cheaply and quickly, more and more people have begun to regularly incorporate unhealthy drinks into their lives. While there are some other drinks which can offer some health benefits, it is hard to argue that the majority of your fluid intake should be anything but water.

Historically, clean water has been a bit of a luxury and people have taken what they can get. Ancient societies used a combination of techniques for getting hydrated without imbibing toxins and agents of disease. Boiling or fermentation (creating alcoholic drinks) can kill microorganisms, and this is largely responsibility for the usage of things such as beer and wine as common drinks. However, alcohol is toxic to humans as well, and consuming large quantities can be quite dangerous for your health. Additionally, alcohol can also contain a large number of calories, which is something most diets already have an excess of. Finally, perpetual intoxication can have negative social and health problems associated with it.

Similarly, boiling liquids, such as to make drinks like tea has been a popular method of sterilization. There can also be health benefits from the plants used to brew the tea. However, these two methods will only kill microorganisms. They will not remove impurities. Thankfully, modern technology has allowed us to gather, purify, and distribute plentiful quantities of safe drinking water for extremely cheaply. In the modern age, drinking water is a better choice than ever, giving your body the hydration it needs to function without including any extra ingredients. Many drinks which claim to be healthy are in fact packed full of unhealthy additives, so make sure to do your research.

One final thing to note is that drinking things other than water can be great. You can infuse your tea with healthy and powerful plants. You can find drinks which will replenish your body’s electrolytes, which are the dissolved salts which are necessary for proper movement of fluid in your body. However, switching out unhealthy drinks for clean water can be a great step in helping your body to be on a healthier track. Give it the chance to get away from stimulants, sugars, and extra calories, and you will soon notice health benefits. Whether you want to lose weight, think more clearly, or simply exercise more control over your life, drinking more water is a great way to do it.