Shaman Apprenticeship

Shaman Apprenticeship Program

The 2020 apprentiship is an immersion into the traditions of Peruvian Shamanism

  • Seven in person workshops from Friday night to Sunday
    • Each class you will leave with healing techniques you can begin to use immediately
    • Class times vary based on the weekend and where the nature spots are that we are visiting
  • three or more webinars designed to deppen your experience in between live sessions
  • Visits to sacred power spots in nature
  • One-on-one time  with the instructor for personal development
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with Zane and other students in between classes.

Classes typically start Friday Evening at 7:00pm, and end Sunday by 4:00pm. Actual class times vary depending on the nature initiations, the needs of the group and other factors. The first weekend we start at 6pm on Friday and 8:00am on Saturday due to a longer drive to our first destination.

2020 Dates:

  1. April 17-19
  2. May 29-31
  3. June 19-21 (Early ending on Sunday due to Father’s day)
  4. July 17-19
  5. August 14-16
  6. September 18-20
  7. October 9-11

November 20th-22nd (This weekend is reserved as a back up weekend in the event that a previous weekend has to be canceled for any reason. Please reserve this date in your calendar in the event that it needs to be used)

Join author and Shaman don Zane Curfman for an experience of a life time. Delve deep into the mystery of shamanism over 7 intensive weekends filled with journey work, healing, ceremony and more.

The Katari apprenticeship program was created by, don Zane Curfman,  and is a cross-cultural shamanic tradition heavily based on the Paqo kuna traditions of the Peruvian Andes. This program was created for those who feel the call to heal and is a series of weekend retreats, designed to give you all the tools you will need to practice and create your own unique medicine way.

Awaken the spiritual power within and become a person with the character and ability to offer something meaningful to our fellow creatures and the beloved Earth Mother. Through Earth-honoring ceremonies, initiations, and ancient wisdom teachings, we acquire the energy and understanding needed to pass beyond the veils of normal consciousness, into the realms of transpersonal awareness. As we develop our ability to sense the dynamics of living energy, we learn to transform these energies for individual or group growth. Leading to the ability to navigate and harmonize the unorganized energies of life, redirecting them toward our dreams, gifts, and talents.

The ascension of mankind is intricately interwoven with our interactions with the spiritual and natural worlds. Initiates are taught to harmonize the human energy field with the five elements and forces of nature, leading to a high state of personal energy, happiness, and connection to life.-building a body of spiritual nectar expressing itself through the transformative power of our Divine Presence.

Program Details:

Path of the Humming Bird

Semester 1
April A natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension

May The Great Inititiaon
June Misa and Advanced Healing Arts
July The Art of Personal Power
August Speaking with the Voice of the Mountains
Sept Death, Dying and Beyond
October Misa, Living the Ceremony

In the event a class will be missed a recording will be available to view what you missed or you can wait for the class to be offered again. No refunds are given for missed classes.

Not sure if the program is for you? Watch this video to see if you hear the call!

Path of the Hummingbird Part 1

~ A natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension

Weekend 1 April

An initiation into the medicine ways of the Peruvian Andes and the transformative arts of the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism. In the Inkan sacred tradition Q’enti, “The Hummingbird”, symbolizes the way of the Nature Mystic, and the ability to bridge the gap between the sacred and mundane. Through sacred sound and ceremony, we learn to engage in the dynamics of living energy. By connecting to the upper-world we learn to cleanse ourselves of the heavy energies that lead to conflict and illness. Finally, we learn to step into infinity, and create a sacred space. This sacred space is the heart of our ceremonies, where we bridge the gap between the spiritual and mundane worlds, and learn to be in healing service to our Earth Mother and fellow creation. There is no prerequisite for this weekend.

Path of the Hummingbird Part 2

~ The great Initiation

Weekend 2 May
In this program, we under-go the rites of the Hatun Karpay, or “Great Initiation”, as taught to me by my teacher, Juan Nunez del Prado. This is the Initiation of the Kurak Akulleq, or 4th level Andean Priesthood. The Hatun Karpay opens us to direct intimate contact with the Divine. In a series of beautiful and moving rituals and exercises, we begin the process of re-connecting ourselves to the sacred energy of the Earth. Recognizing that we each have a strong seed within ourselves, which holds our potential and dreams. We will travel to natural sites that hold sacred energy, to help us connect with the three worlds.

With the help of Mother Nature, we heal the wounds of our personal past, invoke/cleanse the energy of our parents, and reawaken the spiritual gifts of our family lines. The Hatun Karpay creates the energy necessary to germinate and flower our seed of potential. We will use our time together to rediscover our potential, and find new ways to understand and express who we are, and what we came here to do.

Path of the Puma Part 1

Mesa and Advanced Healing Arts

Weekend 3 June
Building on the teachings from the previous two classes, we will dive deeper into the Shamanic world of spiritual healing. During this weekend, we will apprentice the sacred center of the Katari Altar Maestro. In the center of our altar, we build the Kintu Mesa, a power-pack that represents our heart’s fire. This mesa acts as a Taqay, or “hub”, arranging and organizing the flow of spiritual and cosmological energies, for our highest good and healing. The Kintu Mesa, also serves as a portable altar, used to connect with nature spirits, sacred places, and it becomes an indispensable tool for the healing of others.

During our time, we will learn to connect to our Ch’aska, or “Guiding Star”, this is one of the most important tasks following the Andean path. Your guiding star represents your highest potential, spiritual gifts, and talents. Through group work, we will define our personal power, and learn to express it using Rimay, “The Power of True Speech”. We will then structure our mesas according to personal power, and close them using an Andean folding method. We will learn the ceremonial uses of the mesa, including advanced ways to use the mesa in healing, and the powerful practice of Soul Retrieval Andean style.

Path of the Puma part 2

~The Art of Personal Power

Weekend 4 July
Deepen your walk on the path: this workshop addresses the real work of spiritual adulthood. Working with the eradication of fear and fear-based behaviors. The puma represents the power of Kay Pacha, “This World”, and it’s connection to the Ukhu Pacha, “Lower World”. This workshop is based on the Chaupi teachings: the traditional bridge between the mystical and magical sides of the path.Stepping through our shadow, we learn to navigate, “”The Seven Powers of The Unconscious”. learning to work with lifetime and encrusted hucha.

Through the opening of a series of perceptive eyes on the body, we learn the art of the Chunpi Paqo. The Chunpi Paqo is considered a special skill. According to Q’ero stories, when none of the indigenous healers were able to restore health to a sick person, the Chunpi Paqo was summoned to perform his energy-belt rituals and the person was healed. In this course, you learn to work with the stones of power -Mullu Khuyas, allowing participants to practice the healing art on each other. Through a series of rites, we facilitate, “The Sacred Couple”: a blending of our inner masculine and feminine selves. Harmonizing more deeply with nature and opening the heart of community.

Path of the Amaru Part 1

Speaking with The Voice of Mountains

Weekend 5 August

In this apprenticeship weekend, we begin working with the skills leading to mastery in our own unique medicine way. This is the final step in the building of the Monqo Wasi, “Eternal Inner Temple”. This inner work, is the path of the Amaru, or “Serpent”, symbolizing our connection to the lower world, our ancesters, intuition, and impulses.

During the workshop, we gain insight into the eight fields of consciousness and our real capabilities. This is the power of, The Qawaq, or “Visionary”, the skill to transcend ordinary awareness, and discern the quality of energy exchanges, understanding how they contribute to creating the conditions of our life. We will deepen our relationships with our allies: animals, people, and personal guides who lend their energy to enhance our ability to see, speak, feel, move and behave authentically. We will learn to use the, “Sacred Sight”, and awaken the power of the, “Oracle”. We will strengthen the Seven Powers culminating in the ultimate act of personal power: the power to manifest our own reality and healing.

Path of the Amaru part 2

Death, Dying, and Beyond

Weekend 6 Spetember Join don Zane Curfman for this powerful cross-cultural workshop. During the weekend learn how to aid loved ones on their final journey, and how to care for those left behind. learn how to assist with the grieving process, and the unique illnesses caused by losing a loved one. Learn about various cultures views about death including Western, Tibetan, Egyptian, Amazonian, and Andean. Learn about wisdom contained in the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead How to administer the death rites to a dieing person Experience the, Aya Despacho, and shamanic small death. Small death is a special type of ceremonial journey used by medicine people to experience the disorientating effects of dieing and to map the journey into the afterlife.

Path of the Katari

Misa, Living the Ceremony

Weekend 7  October

During this apprenticeship weekend, we will learn to host the quintessential ceremony of the Katari Paqo Tradition, The Spiritual Misa. A, Misa or, “Mass”, is the ceremonial embodiement of the 3 vitues: Faith, Hope and Charity. A Place where we learn and grow spiritually, where we establish our connection to the spirits and forces of nature. A Misa is about community, not just of humans but of spirits and nature beings. People attend Misas for many reasons -to recieve guidence in life, for instruction in the use and development of spiritual gifts, or spiritual healing. During a Misa, a delicate web is woven between the seen and unseen worlds, between human, spirit, and nature. Through this web we all become one, part of the flow of life giving energy.

Registration Details

There are several options for registration. Please note that your registration includes your tuition, handouts and any admission fees for sacred sites. We do carpool to the sites. Driver will be compensated for gas/mileage.

Please note accommodations and meals are not included.

Snacks including trail mix, snack bars and fresh fruit are also included as well as water, coffee and tea. Meals are not included. Many of the weekends we will be traveling out in nature and it is encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch.

Option 1 Pay in Full

Pay in full before the beginning of the first weekend and take all 7 weekends for 2100

Option 2 deposit + Payments

Secure your spot for $700.00 down plus $225 at the start of each weekend (2275 total cost)

Option 3 Pay as you go

Pay as you go $375.00 per weekend (262 total cost)

Option 4 Pay as you go

Option 4 12 Payments of $225 Billed on the 15h of every month January 15th 2020-December 15 2020

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