Healers Weekend

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Join 4 time author and sound expert Jill Mattson, and Healer, author, and medium Hank Setala for a intense weekend to take your healing abilities to the next level. All courses are available individually, or take them together to save!

A meeting with the Angels


November 20th: 7:CSThe evening will start with healer Hank Setala doing a group arch angel healing session using the Arch Angel Tuning Forks. Participants will feel their vibration ascend and touch in with the higher beings of light. After the healing Jill Matson will channel messages from the ascended masters for the group.

This powerful session will allow the group to attune to the energies of the beings of light and to call upon them for healing or for messages. An anchoring technique will be taught to help students return to the state where they are receptive to the angelica energies.




Vibrational Healing from Atlantis

Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson

November 21st  10:30am-5:30pm (Optional morning meditation from 9-10)

Join us to learn  the source of the most Powerful Traditions

Enjoy a fabulous journey with 4-time author and enlightened trainer, Jill Mattson, learning & experiencing sound healing techniques from Atlantis – where ALL of the ancient healing traditions around the globe came from! Try groundbreaking, subtle-energy techniques – so powerful – that have been reused in ancient China, Egypt, India and the Americas.

Some Exciting Things to Learn:

 Gathering Celestial Energy & that of Higher Dimensions with your Voice

 Activate & strengthen Telepathic Skills

 Discard foggy energy hiding your Life Path & Mission

 Discover your Planet of Origin

 Activate 12 strands of DNA

 Access Higher Dimensions

 Use Portholes to make Energetic-Changes to alter Life’s Outcomes

 Interspecies Communication – with plants & nature

 Downloading Higher Blueprints of Energy

 Strengthening & Communicating with Ancient Atlantian Masters and Angels

Recognize sounds of healthy body organs/processes. When these harmonies slip, re-establish them quickly with sound, establishing rapport with your body organs, as it if each body part was an individual friend. Be the Master of your body! You are vibrational energy, with sound and other vibrations altering you at your deepest levels. Slowly but surely, sound energy changes tiny vibrations that compose “all that is you.” Ancient sounds and music targeted positive changes; they are sound-based energy treatments to alter your emotions, thoughts, spirituality and physicality. They can be added to other modalities, massage, reiki, cranial sacral….

If you are on the spiritual path, seeking to empower yourself with greater health, intuition and psychic abilities, then join the fun and “blast from the past.” Perhaps you will remember skills you used in a former life in Atlantis! Refresh your memory from past lives and remember former accomplishments, while increasing your power and skills!

The Magic of Science

Rev. Hank Setala

Rev. Hank Setala

November 22nd 9:30 am-4:00pm

Hank will take you through a fast paced lecture and a series of demonstrations that explain the gap between science and metaphysics. He will demonstrate techniques that you can use with any set of tuning forks (or almost anything else that makes a sound), plus an anchoring method that will allow you to learn virtually any tone and use it without needing to buy tuning forks at all. Hank will also present a quick overview of metaphysics and how it applies to healing to create an understanding of exactly what is going on with your client so you can give them full support for their healing.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand how to heal using sympathetic resonance
  • Be able to choose a set of tones for a particular purpose (Energy healing, physical healing, consciousness shifts etc. )
  • Use Otto forks in combination with accupressure points for amazing results for virtually anything there is a pressure point for.
  • An energy technique to be used in conjunction with sound healing to help the client transmute what they are ready to let go of (not just get rid of it)

The last part  of the day will be an open clinic where students can give and receive healing sessions using the different forks available.

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