Holistic Air Dried Cat Food

Holistic Air Dried Cat Food

Is air dried cat food good for cats?

While consumers love the idea of feeding fresh or frozen diets, many are looking for shelf-stable alternatives that are high in meat content and free from unnecessary fillers. Air-dried diets offer excellent nutrition with the scoop-and-serve convenience of kibble.[1]

Is absolute holistic cat food good?

Absolute Holistic Air Dried Cat Food is a premium pet food line with a 5-star rating — among the top 7% of all the products we review. They seem to be high in protein and low in carbs, contain mainly named animal products as main ingredients and a lot of meat. We strongly recommend this![2]

Where is absolute holistic made in?

Made with natural ingredients (93% meat & organs & 7% super premium produce & supplements), Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Food has an amazing jerky texture no finicky dog will be able to resist! Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Food is made in New Zealand and available in four formulas.[3]

Is air dried cat food raw?

Ready-serve Raw Alternative Our air-dried cat food is crafted to combine the best of raw and fresh diets with the safe convenience of dry foods. Ready-serve peak nutrition without compromise.[4]

Is air dried food better than kibble?

Premium air dried dog food not only offers minimally processed ingredients, but contains more than 70 percent protein than most pet foods which is then mixed with veggies, antioxidants, and fruits. The air-drying process also kills dangerous pathogenic bacteria, making the food a safer option for both people and pets.[5]

Is air dried cat food better?

Due to the low temperatures, air dried pet food is considered as nutritious as raw foods, barf diets and homecooked meals since the ingredients retain the same nutritional quality as in their fresh state.[6]

Is air dried the same as dehydrated?

Unlike dehydrated, air-dried food isn’t dried with heat. Instead, it’s air dried at low temperatures in small batches. The moisture is removed from the food via evaporation. The result is food that is naturally preserved without using artificial preservatives.[7]

What’s the difference between air dried and freeze-dried?

Flavor / Texture. Freeze-dried and air-dried products can have similar flavors, and both can retain the flavor of the raw product to a considerable extent. Air-dried products tend to be a bit denser due to higher water content, and freeze-dried products maintain a lighter, crunchier texture.[8]

Has ZIWI cat food been recalled?

No, ZIWI® has never had any recalls or product withdrawls.[9]

Is dehydrated cat food healthy?

Freeze-drying does help to decrease the number of pathogens in raw food, but many of these pathogens can survive freeze-drying, so no raw diet is truly safe, although commercial diets that have been freeze-dried may have a lower contamination amount than non-processed raw foods.[10]

Is air-dried cooked?

All air-dried, dehydrated or dry-roasted ingredients are cooked—but at a low heat. Because cooking ingredients kill bacteria (harmful ones like E.[11]

Is ZIWI Peak raw?

NUTRIENT DENSE A meat-rich highly digestible diet with none of the unnecessary additives, ZIWI Peak is a safe raw alternative that still provides the nutrition of a raw diet.[12]