Holisticare Ester C 500 Mg

Holisticare Ester C 500 Mg

What does Ester-C do for your body?

It is needed to maintain the health of skin, cartilage, teeth, bone, and blood vessels. It is also used to protect your body’s cells from damage. It is known as an antioxidant.[1]

When is the best time to take Ester-C?

You can take vitamin C supplements at any time of day, with or without food, although taking ascorbic acid with foods can help decrease the potential gastrointestinal side effects caused by its high acidity ( 7 ).[2]

Is Ester-C the same as vitamin C?

Ester-C is a pH neutral product which has a different composition from regular vitamin C, which is ascorbic acid. The main component of this product is calcium ascorbate. Other ingredients of Ester-C are compounds known as vitamin C metabolites, which are dehydroascorbic acid and calcium threonate.[3]

How much Ester-C should I take?

The recommended daily amount for vitamin C is 75 milligrams (mg) a day for women and 90 mg a day for men. During pregnancy, 120 mg a day are recommended. The upper limit for all adults is 2,000 mg a day.[4]

Can vitamin C cause blood clots?

In conclusion, we demonstrated that high dose of vitamin C may cause thrombogenic PS exposure in RBCs, leading to increased venous thrombosis in vivo.[5]

Does Ester-C cause kidney stones?

Taking high doses of vitamin C supplements, such as 500 mg or more a day on a regular basis, has been shown to increase the risk of developing kidney stones in some people.[6]

What happens when you take vitamin C on an empty stomach?

Taking vitamin C (especially higher doses) on an empty stomach can cause minor irritation to your GI tract. People with sensitive stomachs may even experience cramping, gas, or diarrhea. The key: Take your C whenever you’ll consistently remember to do so.[7]

What vitamins Cannot be taken together?

Large doses of minerals can compete with each other to be absorbed. Don’t use calcium, zinc, or magnesium supplements at the same time. Also, these three minerals are easier on your tummy when you take them with food, so if your doctor recommends them, have them at different meals or snacks.[8]

Is it good to take vitamin C before sleep?

What many do not know is that vitamin C plays a significant role in boosting sleep health. Studies have shown that individuals with greater concentrations of vitamin C have better sleep than those with reduced concentrations.[9]

What is the best form of vitamin C for immune system?

Form: Calcium Ascorbate or Ester C This form of vitamin C has a neutral pH and does not cause the body to become more acidic. Ester C provides good support for your immune system and can improve allergy symptoms by helping your body reduce histamine levels.[10]

What’s the best form of vitamin C to take?

Time-release vitamin C is often the preferred choice since vitamin C has better bioavailability when taken in smaller doses throughout the day. A time-release formula aims to solve this problem without taking multiple tablets, by releasing the vitamin C slowly throughout the day.[11]

Which form of vitamin C is best absorbed?

In the study, it was shown that vitamin C with bioflavonoids was 35 percent better absorbed when compared to the regular ascorbic acid formulation. It is also a better option for those who may develop gastric symptoms from ascorbic acid.[12]