Laura DeCrane

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALaura DeCrane is a Metaphysical Teacher/Speaker, and an Access Bars Practitioner. She has been a seeker most of her life, embarking on a personal journey in search of answers to some of life’s most profound questions. That search landed her in the field of metaphysics where she conducted her own independent study, applying those principles to her own life experiences, and learning what works and what doesn’t.

As a former skydiver she had to face and overcome many of her own insecurities and limitations, discovering along the way that we are all far greater than we know ourselves to be, and are only limited by our own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives. She went on to teach what she had learned by offering Personal Growth classes through various Adult Education Programs.

Laura seeks to empower people by teaching them to take responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs, and to release that which is negative, judgmental, and limiting. This in turn allows them to awaken to who they really are, receive more of what they’ve been asking for, and live far more enjoyable lives.

Lecture Title
The Only Safe Place… NOW.

Lecture Description
Often we believe that we would feel safe and secure again if we could just get home, or return to the company of our loved ones, or get passed this situation….when actually, security outside of the now moment is an illusion. All of your power lies within you, and can only be expressed in the now.

You — being yourself to the fullest in the now moment — is what creates your best and most secure future, because everything is a reflection, or an extension, of the energy that you are putting forth now. Unfortunately, we rarely show up in the now, and are constantly escaping it for a false sense of security someplace else.

In this lecture you will learn a simple, silly little tool that will help you to focus in the now moment. When you hear it, you’ll be glad you didn’t pay extra for it! But if you use it, you’ll gain the ability to raise yourself from a debilitated state to a light-hearted, joyful state, in a relatively short period of time.

Come and find out why this tool is so effective, and how it can benefit you in ways you did not expect.