Lela Covey

Lela Covey is a former international top model and fitness trainer from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a certified nutritional consultant, health educator and vegetarian chef. She is author of “Five Steps to an Optimum Diet” and producer/;star of the ground-breaking nutritional DVD entitled “Journey to Health.”

Lecture Title
Five Easy Ways to Get Healthy

Lecture Description
What’s the scariest thing of all? Ghosts? Goblins? What about cancer, heart disease or diabetes? What is the most important thing we have that we take for granted everyday…could it be our health? What would happen tomorrow if you lost your health? What would you do to get it back?

These are scary questions but don’t let the answers spook you! Join us and learn 5 easy things you can do to lose weight, fight disease, find balance and have energy – once and for all! Remember, food shall be your medicine!

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