Alicia Rocco

Iridology – “The eyes are the windows of the soul”.  See how you can know what is happening physically and emotionally to your body through the eyes. Learn how to use energy medicine (essences) to clear the field for healing.


Meet Founder and President of Journey to Botanicals, Alicia Rocco… Rocco has devoted her life to helping others discover natural health solutions. She has been tirelessly pursuing this effort after successfully applying alternative practices and techniques to her own life-threatening health challenges.

With over 35 years experience as a health practitioner, Alicia Rocco brings a vast knowledge about the natural healing powers of herbs and essences. She stays up to date on the latest developments in natural healing and eagerly shares her findings with as many people as possible. In addition to being President and Owner of Journey To Botanicals, she is the President and Owner of Natural Approach to

Health an education and retail business for nutritional, herbal & essence products, based out of Minerva Ohio. Alicia also serves as a Practitioner/ Educator Consultant for the Nicely Foundation and has been a resource to the veterinary community. She is owner of Alpaca Spring Valley Farm, Minerva, Ohio, where she uses all natural health products for her alpacas and many other animals including dogs and cats.

By maintaining a special focus on emotional and spiritual healing, Alicia joins other leading healthcare practitioners in believing that many underlying causes of illness are created through mental processes and life circumstances. These emotional and spiritual situations create an unstable flow of energy in the body which can lead to sickness or “dis-ease”.

As an instructor, she teaches a number of courses in Natural Health and Wellness, mentors and certifies practitioners, and holds classes for individuals, companies and groups about the positive impact of applying alternative health modalities.

Alicia Rocco is a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Diplomat of Mind-Body Medicine of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.