Betty Rozakis

Coffee with the Subconscious

Betty Rozakis

Betty Rozakis, European Depth Graphologist, will begin her talk with an excerpt from her book, Coffee with the Subconscious: A love story that shows how knowledge of the subconscious through handwriting brings calm to our hearts. She will then discuss through actual case studies the difference between those that realized their subconscious beauty and what happened to those who didn’t.


Betty earned her Advanced Diploma from the British Academy of Graphology and a BA in history from Baldwin-Wallace College. With over 30 years’ experience, she is a published author, speaker, employer, poet, master knitter, married over 35 years with children and owner of Coffee with B Graphology. Recently featured in The Plain Dealer and Professional Graphologist for Victoria Secret’s Special Event, Betty enjoys opportunities to help people feel beautiful on the inside and in their relationships.