Hank Setala

Congruent Manifestation

There is nothing in this talk you have not heard before. Another take on the law of attraction. In this presentation however, it will connect the dots for you like never before. Showing how it is possible to manifest passively or actively, as well as the differences of manifesting from the ego, or the higher self. This fast paced talk will cover the Mechanism of manifestation (a term from Neale Donald Walsch’s book Happier than God), as well as how to manifest congruently with Body Mind, and Soul.

Creation from the ego vs the spirit is like a chef. With the same ingredients you can create chicken coco vin, or chicken pot pie. Which level are you creating from?

It will also give you an ACTION plan to take control over what you are choosing to create (or re-create), and go over common pitfalls you run into when applying the law of attraction. You will also learn tools to discern if information you are acting on is from Ego, or from your Soul.


Hank SetalaRev Hank Setala is a graduate of the School of Healing and Prophecy, and on the board of directors at Fellowships of the Spirit. In addition to his gifts as a healer and medium, he is a certified aromatherapist recognized by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

He is the founder and owner of Holistic Health and Healing, in addition to his private practice offering healing readings from Spirit, Aromatherapy, and biosonic and Soma Enegertic tuning fork sessions. Find out more about hank on his website.

Website: www.higherhealingbyhank.com