Jeannette Zara Christine

Knowing Thyself

Jeannette Christine, representative of Pyramid Pyrahealth Products shares insight on “Knowing Thyself.” Once-in-A-Lifetime Reading to know your individual magic square, number, name, & color life imprint empowers you! Universal, higher knowledge combined with pyramid energy is given to bring deeper insight to live more consciously, and program success into greater reality.


Jeannette Christine, N.C.M.T. is a Cleveland born native. At 33 yrs of age she was run over by a car in Florida while sunbathing and suffered a near-death experience, seeing a golden pyramid in the rising sun. She represents pyramids created in India,, to help bring more spiritual vibrations to individuals and their environment. She has worked as a stewardess, promoted holistic health in Maui, Hawaii, and is a massage therapist having an associate degrees, both, in S&M and Therapeutic Massage, and lives in Michigan. Her passion is spirituality & health. She helps people by sharing universal principles of higher self- knowledge including cutting- edge, health tools.