Kathleen Calby

Kathleen-Calby-Profile-picSaturday – Singing Bowls Healing through Resonance
Want to learn more about resonance — that “call and response” we know as innately as our own pulse? Since we long for connection with ourselves, others and the earth, how can we achieve it? Kathleen Calby of Re-Sounding Joy escorts you into “feeling” sound as well as hearing it to learn how to recognize your “vibe” with others. Tune into your body knowing that each cell vibrates and “speaks” to other cells, organs and entire systems. Learn about the Earth’s resonance; experience how your chakras relate to different sounds; and discover how attuning to those sounds may offer insights or releases. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states respond to relaxation. Monks have been using the bowls for centuries to induce meditative states and enjoy the peace that “passeth all understanding.” Peace and harmony bring us into resonance with ourselves, others and the Earth. Learn how singing bowls can promote these steps toward holistic health.

Sunday – Experience the 5th Dimension with Singing Bowls
The singing bowls induce shifts in brain wave states which allow us to easily move into other states of consciousness. Discover what the beta, alpha, theta and delta states offer. Experience the profound depth that sound frequencies can offer your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Time and space expand and collapse in the presence of harmonic convergences. Raise your vibration with the celestial sounds of the singing bowls. Be introduced to bowls infused with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. by Crystal Tones(R) and ancient metal Himalayan singing bowls, as Kathleen Calby of Re-Sounding Joy ( www.re-soundingjoy.com ) guides you into new experiences with sound. Kathleen has been working with “sound mandalas” for four years, which have become more complex and varied over time. She’ll describe their genesis and offer demonstrations of some that open portals.

Website: www.re-soundingjoy.com