Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste
Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste is the Creator/Founder and President of The Center for Creative Healing™, Creative Healing Dance™, and Gems by Celestial Dancer™. A native of Massachusetts and a current resident in the Midwest, Maria has lived and traveled extensively throughout the world.

Through these broad exposures and experiences, Maria has deepened and widened her inherited talents from her family’s vast lineage of spiritually gifted psychics and healers. Maria professionally continues the development of her gifts after being educated with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Psychology and Philosophy; Cum Laude, and a Masters in Business in Finance and Accounting from Boston College.

Maria’s intuitive gifts were evident in her early childhood. Maria has studied world religions all her life and has dedicated her life to the integration of religion and spirituality for World Unity and peace. Maria has trained and developed all her gifts, talents, and skills with love and dedication to God for over 45 years throughout the world with Masters of many religions and numerous and various Healing Modalities. In addition to being a gifted clairaudient (clear hearing) and, clairvoyant (clear seeing), Maria has specialized training and credentials that include:

  • An Ordained Minister in the Church of Melchizedek;
  • A Third Order Dominican;
  • A Fourth Degree Reiki Master-Teacher/Practitioner;
  • Certified under Melody as Master of Crystology Level I & Level II…Laying on of Hands, Laying on of Stones;
  • Certification in Crystology from the Crystalis Institute under the direction of Naisha Ahsian
  • An ERT and Kinesiology Practitioner;
  • A Certified Teacher -Coach of Success: Full Living; a contemporary approach to spiritual responsibility.
  • Trained and Coached by Father Justin in the Silva Method, a method designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualization and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.
  • Maria utilizes her gifts and talents for teaching and coaching and channeling all around the world in and for churches, profit and non-profit organizations, with groups and with individuals.

Additionally, for over 25 years Maria’s professional business experience has included:

  • Being a member of the Management consulting division of Price Waterhouse in Boston.
  • Serving the investing public though handling their investments as a First Vice President at one of the premier independent major International Investment Houses. One of the real joys that Maria has experienced in this role is the opportunity to support her client’s dreams through managing their investment portfolios.