Mary Jane Brigger

The Art of Body Story Telling
Body Story™ Telling is about uncovering, revealing and healing the emotional traumas and wounds that have occurred to us over our lifetimes. Emotional traumas or “body stories” become embedded within our own bodies down to the cellular level of our beings. There are ancient traditions that teach that consciousness is not in our head, but in every cell of our body from head to toe. As we learn to listen to our own body wisdom, we become our own personal Body Story™ Tellers.


Mary-Jane-Brigger-Profile-picMary Jane is founder and owner of Soul Care Experience and a Certified Body Story™ Expert and Reiki Master/ Teacher who helps people spiritually understand the emotional, spiritual and physical reasons their bodies have developed a chronic or terminal illness. Mary Jane suffered Rheumatoid Arthritis throughout her childhood years and in her later years lost her career and life to a severe form of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.