Deb Bradt

Deb Bradt is a Mind Body Therapy Specialist, Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Healer. Deb has a passion for healing. She is an Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Healer and is fascinated by the bodies’ innate capacity to heal itself. During Deb’s life, she has always had a deep yearning inside her to be truly seen and heard. She spent many years plagued by self-doubt, fear and insecurity striving to find that safe haven of support where she felt completely accepted.

Over the course of her 17 years in the Healing Arts, she slowly discovered that she was not alone in her struggle to feel supported and seen. Soon, it became clear that this was her life’s work…to create a safe space where her clients and students can feel held, loved & cherished for who they are, no matter what obstacles they are facing in their physical or spiritual body.

She is currently enrolled an intensive Certification Program from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, created by Dr. Peter Levine, a leading expert in the field of trauma for over 40 years. “Somatic Experiencing” is a skillful and empowering method for healing the psycho-biological effects of stress and results in a greater sense of aliveness, spontaneity, well-being and joy. She felt guided to this work not only to heal her own health issues, but also as it is the most profound yet simple work she has found to create the container where the body can deeply release and become whole again. For more details on SE, please visit

Deb has created a unique blend of her various modalities into her main healing tool that she coins “Somatic Balancing”. Soma means “body” and the goal is to balance the body into its’ natural state of pure joy and resiliency. She uses many tools in her sessions and classes including intuitive healing and chakra wo
rk, yoga and mindfulness, gentle touch and reiki, visualization and more. Each session differs in content based on individual needs and her intuitive guidance as well as that of her client’s. She also gives tools for the client to take with them to empo
wer them and keep their system harmonized in between sessions.

She specializes in chronic pain, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, chronic illness and auto-immune disorders, anxiety, depression & PTSD yet she finds that her work can support any woman who yearns for that quiet space to go within and feel at home again within themselves and their life.

She is available in-person both in her home office in Solon or can come to your home and is also available for phone sessions. She teaches classes, retreats, women’s circles and workshops in the Greater Cleveland Area. Please contact her at for more information.

A few words from some of her students and clients:

“Deb makes this world a better place for all of us…I suspect she has spent many lives as a spiritual soul in the capacity of a healer and leader…her words and ideas touch me right at the heart”…-I.K.

“It is impossible to be in Deb’s presence and not feel the powerful energy of her love. Her classes are a replenishing experience for body, heart and spirit. She creates a magical space in which you experience a deeper love for life, the world, and yourself. I finish a practice with Deb feeling more at home in my body and at peace with myself. Knowing Deb is knowing love and feeling blessed…”-J.L.

“The anticipation of classes with Deb and of the genuine, warm joy she pours into my Spirit has been a balm through a very difficult year for me. I am daily grateful to God for converging our paths and for the awesome life lessons she teaches me about Being and Loving. In this whirling dervish of life, her teachings offer light, acceptance, welcome and rest…I could not be more thankful”-C.H.

Lecture Title

Excavating the Healer Within: 4 Simple Steps to Unstoppable Joy

Lecture Description

Have you ever found it difficult to take time to slow down and connect to the Deeper Self?  Do you find that you often search outside yourself for the answers you seek?  This is the time to break through and be free.  Join Deb Bradt in this powerful immersion into the mind, body, soul and heart and uncover the healer within.

Deb will guide you through 4 simple and easy steps that you can do anywhere, anytime.  The mini-workshop will include visualization and relaxation, deep listening, therapeutic release, gentle movement and much more.  Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the totality of who you are and tap into the fullest potential of who are meant to become!  Om shanti…Namaste.