Diane Weinmann and Kristin Payden


Kristin Payden

Kristin Payden, RVT & HTP, is a graduate of The Ohio State University with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Horse Production and Management. Also a graduate of Columbus State Community College, with an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Kris has over 25 years experience as a registered veterinary technician (RVT) in small animal medicine. In addition to traditional veterinary medicine, Kris’s interest in alternative and holistic techniques for animals lead her to become a Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP). Using an approach of holistic and traditional methods have proved to be invaluable in providing care for her clients.

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Diane Weinmann

Diane Weinmann has been involved with animals all her life. She is an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animal’s practitioner and Reiki Master. Diane uses interspecies telepathic communication to help our companion animals have a “voice”. Hearing their cries for help, she was drawn to provide comfort in the form of energy healing (Reiki, TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals). She also uses sound and vibrational healing (tuning forks) and color techniques in her healing practice. Diane is able to bring balance into your pet’s energy systems. In addition to animal communication, Diane uses Bach Flower essences and essential oils as a holistic method to facilitate emotional healing or to evoke a change in behavior. These healing modalities provide a sense of well-being with your beloved pet. Diane will be releasing her first book which is a true story of animal hospice and animal communication this winter. Look for “A Tail of Hope’s Faith” on Amazon this winter. Please visit her web site at www.JoyCares.com for more information on her animal communication and healing methods.

Lecture Title
Animal Hospice and Communication

Lecture Description
Diane and Kris will discuss what animal hospice is and how it can enhance the quality of life for your pet using holistic healing methods and animal communication.

Find out more at http://www.joycares.com/