Ernie Betz


Betz1Ernie Betz is a certified Quantum-Touch instructor, practitioner and works mainly out of Creekside Healing, the Branches of Wellness, and the ConsciousNest. Quantum-Touch is a natural healing technique which is used to raise another person’s energy level, which in turn promotes relaxation and healing. He has also studied Reiki, acupressure massage, metaphysical studies, distance healing, astrology, numerology, Spiritual studies, and Holistic Health Care.

Currently Ernie volunteers at the Cleveland Clinic giving Quantum-Touch sessions on Tuesdays with patients, visitors, staff, and nurses. He has worked a booth at several expositions and health fairs.

Lecture Description

Natural Healing, How & Why it works

A look at the various methods that are used to enhance life force engery. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Acupressure, Crystals, Colors, Chakras and other methodologies will be reviewed.