Kathleen Calby

Kathleen Calby, founder of Re-Sounding Joy (www.re-soundingjoy.com), held a secret for more than thirty years. Then a spiritual teacher inquired about the “tones” that Kathleen had heard since childhood. Thus, Kathleen began a ten-year journey of working with sound instruments and teachers. In that time period, the sounds Kathleen heard changed from high-pitched linear ones to being bell-like and spherical in shape – the sound of singing bowls. Kathleen then began to present publicly and has continued to work consciously with sound. She invites you to make some new discoveries with singing bowls.   Learn More about Kathleen Calby on her website www.re-soundingjoy.com. 


Singing Bowls Relaxing into Harmony

Our culture is so busy, we find it hard to relax. Singing bowls offer a great way to quiet our minds and our over-stimulated nervous systems. Learn more about how to relax into harmony. Discover the genesis of singing bowls and how they can shift our brain wave state into a peaceful calm. Enjoy a short concert with the bowls, which some call a “musical massage.”