Mary Jane Brigger



Mary Jane Brigger is founder and owner of Soul Care Experience which offers holistic energy and spiritual healing services for individuals suffering from life crisis and transition and includes those experiencing spiritual soul awakenings. Services include personal one on one sessions, workshops, presentations and retreats on such topics as Death and Dying, Body Story Telling, Stress Relief and Meditation.  She also hosts a bi-monthly internet radio program called “Souls Awakening.”

Mary Jane is an Intuitive, Certified Body Story ™ Expert and Reiki Master/Teacher and Death Midwife and Meditation Guide. She helps people intuitively and spiritually understand why their mind, bodies and souls have developed emotional, physical and spiritual distress through Body Story ™ Telling and Reiki.

Soul Care Experience and Mary Jane’s healing practice is located at “The Healing Cottage” in West Salem, Ohio, just minutes from the Lodi Outlet Exit off I-71just south of Akron and Medina, Ohio. Many who come to the Healing Cottage experience the rural, healing spiritual energy of the land that surrounds the cottage.

Mary Jane also volunteers bringing Reiki to hospice patients and their families as well as sits on the Board of Directors of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio.

Lecture Title: Body Story Telling: The Story of Your Life as Told by Your body and Spirit.

Guided by Spirit, Body Story ™ Telling is the story of one’s life as told by the physical, emotional and spiritual distress that have manifested within the body over time.

Body stories are an accumulation of all your life experiences stored in your physical and energetic body. Many of these life experiences tell a story of repressed emotional trauma, grief and judgmental limiting beliefs that result in the loss of self identity, self worth and spiritual connection.  These painful life experiences or body stories become energy blocks that settle in the physical body becoming encoded within the cellular tissues and energetic fields of the body.


In This Presentation of Body Story Telling you will discover how it:

  • Guides and helps people to understand how the wounds of emotional trauma and life crisis become embedded in the body down to the cellular level.
  • Explains how these emotional wounds, which are called “body stories,” tell the story of a person’s life through emotional, physical, spiritual distress and pain.
  • Reveals how we lose our personal identity and power to the replaying of wounded “body stories” within ourselves.
  • Teaches us how the body can disconnect from our Spirit when our bodies become overburdened with accumulated life experiences of emotional wounding, pain and illness.
  • Explains how Body Story Telling locates the wounded body stories and releases them so the body can begin to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • Releases stories of pain and heartache for those who are facing end of life issues to experience a peaceful transition to the Afterlife.
  • Body Story Telling heals hearts and awakens souls as the story of pain and distress is changed to a story of wholeness and well being!


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