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Best known as the author of the Psychic Vampire Codex (Weiser, 2004), Michelle Belanger is a skilled energy worker and the founder of House Kheperu. An arresting figure of six foot one, Michelle is a dynamic speaker as well as a gifted writer. Creative and driven, she does not limit herself to magick and psychic phenomenon alone but engages in a variety of creative outlets from fiction to music to the visual arts.

Reading the Energy Body


Website: www.michellebelanger.com

The Energy Body

Saturday October 18th 4:00PM-5:30PM

We are beings of both matter and spirit, and just as we get regular check-ups for our physical bodies, our subtle bodies need regular maintenance as well. Like Siamese twins, the health of one has a marked influence over the health of the other. Author Michelle Belanger introduces the concept of the subtle body, teaching participants how to sense major structures such as the chakras and energy channels. Learn how to perceive the overall shape of a person’s energy body, and how to identify stagnant, blocked, or damaged areas of energy. Finally, Michelle will introduce participants to a variety of methods for improving energetic health, including how to deal with stagnant energy, energetic intrusions, and even parasitic spirits. 


The Art of Dreamwalking

Sunday October 19th 4:00PM-5:30PM

Every night, our physical bodies shut down, and we are free to roam the pathways of mind and spirit. Most dreamers never reach beyond their own internal realms, but the gate is there, should we choose to walk through it. Author Michelle Belanger offers a guided tour of the fascinating landscape of dreams, teaching participants to achieve lucidity while dreaming, to consciously shape their own internal dreamworlds, and ultimately to travel to distant friends and family members through the medium of dreams. 

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Michelle Belanger Talks
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