Revelations-by-Phoenix (1)Phoenix is a gifted medium and psychic who also has the gift to interpret dreams, visions and prophecies. Through the gift to interpret prophecies he spent 9 months listening to the images and symbols of the age old prophecy “The Revelations Of Christ” tell him their story. The information he received was so profound and insightful he wrote it all down in a book titled “Revelations – Your Role In God’s Plan To Replace Darkness With Light”.

This is not a bible study type book. It is an explanation of the Law of Creation and God’s plan for mankind to use it to replace the darkness in our lives with light so we can eventually grow into the highest level of consciousness – God consciousness.
Phoenix completed University degrees in Business Management, Mechanical Technology and Industrial Technology and worked in engineering and management consulting for many years prior to writing this book.

Lecture Title
The Law of Creation as understood through the prophecy Revelations and the parables of Jesus

Lecture Description
This lecture will give the participant a complete explanation of every symbol and image of the age old prophecy and how the explain creation. Mankind’s role in creation is to apply the law of creation through the processes of creation so we can grow from a dark consciousness through the light and then the bright consciousness until we finally arrive at God consciousness and then our journey is complete.