Shaman Secrets ~ A one day intensive

Join Zane Curman on November 8th at Goddess Elite for a all day intensive workshop on the Secrets of Shamanism

Don Zane Curfman is a healer, teacher, and lecture. He travels all over the country teaching the Andean spiritual and healing arts.zane promo1

Zane is the founder of the Salka Manay Ayllu, a community created for the preservation of folk medicine ways and earth honoring ceremonies. He is the father of the Katari tradition of cross cultural shamanism, as well as the author of Inka Mountain Magic: A natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension and has authored several articles on Andean shamanism for Light Bridges and Fire Mass Magazines. He has served as Interim Dean of Shamanic Studies for the international Metaphysical University for the winter and spring semesters in 2009-2010.

Zane was originally trained by Jaun Nunez del Prado. He was invited to visit the Sacred Q’ero Nation and had the blessing of being able to study with many of the Q’ero elders. He was made a part of the village of Kiko where his goddaughter’s family resides. Zane is an initiated Kurak Aquelleq (ora 4thlevel priest) and Chump Paqo of the Q’ero Paqo Kuna tradition. He is also an initiated Altomisayoq in the Qori Lasso Paqo Kuna Tradtion, and a Sansista or medium in Afro-Caribbean tradition of Sanse.

In the class you will learn:

  • The Paqo Kuna traditions of the Peruvian Andes
  • Learn to go beyond the realm of transpersonal awareness
  • Bridge the gap between the sacred and the mundane
  • Learn how to apply what you learn in healing

If there is enough interest, this will be the first class of many and in partnership with Goddess Elite we will be hosting an apprenticeship program.

A $50.00 deposit will hold your space. Tuition for the class is $175.00 however use code EARLY BIRD to save $25.00 if registering before October 31st.

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