Spirit Lodge Series

Join Author, Spiritual Healer, and Andean Priest Zane Curfman for a series of classes based on both personal and global spiritual awakening!

In this series, we will be introduced to the world of Natural Mysticism and Espiritismo as practiced in North and South America, the Caribbean islands, and Africa.

During our time together we will be learning the basics of earth-centered spirituality. Working with exercises that help attain the sacred silence, an altered state of consciousness that allows us to meet and work with the worlds of nature and spirit. We will awaken and learn to maintain innate spiritual abilities and step into the realm of the great mysteries.

The Lodge

A spirit lodge is a dedicated building, room, or space where we gather as a sacred hoop to honor the “spirit that moves in all of us” and discover the great mysteries of our existence. The lodge – once enlivened – becomes a type of vehicle that allows us to safely explore the spiritual world and opens a doorway leading to the illuminating light of our own soul.

Join Us

As we rediscover the ancient mysteries of the spirit! All are welcome – those new to spirituality and those advanced in the spiritual arts. There is something to learn for everyone! Together we will generate and merge in a type of morphic field that allows deeper access into the spiritual world and our lives unfolding.

Topics will include:
• Spiritual etiquette, maintenance, clearing and purification
• Sensing beyond the physical. Interacting with the three world’s & the spiritual dimensions
• Discovering our spiritual gifts.
• Embodying the spirit & shaking medicine

Investment is 40.00 Per class. Commit to all 6 classes and they are $32.00 per class. If you miss a class, we can record the class that you missed and arrange for you to view it.

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