Vendor Application

Questions? Call 888-597-HEAL(4325) Tuesday-Sunday 12:00PM-6:00PM
Outside of Office Hours email

You must complete a vendor information form on the website, even if sending a physical contract. We are unable to accommodate special requests for particular space or booth location

Contracts must be received no later than August 31st All contracts are subject to approval

We limit the number of various vendor types. You will be contacted after the submission of your application if we are sold out of any of the items that you indicate under your vendor classification.

Contact & Billing Information

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Vendor Booth Requirements

Booth Cost & Add Ons
(Pipe and drape for back of booth and 1 8' or 6' foot table, 2 chairs and 2 badges included in booth price.) Vendors need to provide side draping and table coverings if desired.


Farmers Market Table* 8' no pipe and drape spot will be against the wall, or in a 10x10 if all are not sold.
Enter Qty @ $85
*Farmer's market tables must have products that are personally grown/processed/ etc. Must be consumable. No reselling another's product. Duplicate applications are subject to approval. Retail non-consumable products are not eligible for Farm's market tables. Examples of eligible products: Tea, Produce, Jam's, Honey, meats, breads, bee keeper, herbs/plants Other baked goods. Examples of ineligible products, clothing, supplements, essential oils, hydrosols lotions and creams.

Full Booth 10'x10'
Enter Qty @ $225 until April 30th; $250 After April 30th

Half Booth 5'x10' (No early Bird) 10 spaces available. Electric is not available for half booths.
Enter Qty @ $150

Information Table (6' table, and 1 chair)* no sales/services permitted (spaces are limited) no pipe & Drape (10 Spots).
Enter Qty @ $65

Table & Chair Options: (One table included with your booth)
Free 6' TableFree 8' TableI don't need a table ** see below
Extra 8' table Qty @ $10
Extra 6' table Qty @ $10
Extra chairs Qty @ $4.00
** If you bring your own table, the legs must be safe to use on the field. If we, or the Sportsplex deem a table to be unsafe, you will need to rent rubber feet for the table at the cost of 3.00 each foot. So a 4 legged table would have a cost of $12.00. It is cheaper to request a table in advance. If you are not sure, send us a photo of the table bottom and we can recommend if you should get a table or can use the one you have. If you bring your own table, and it causes damage to the field you are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of that portion of the field.

Vendor Booth Information

It is important to fill out this sheet fully and accurately. We had issues with some vendors not disclosing all of their products and services in categories we limit, or had listed as sold out. If you do not list something that we limit (e.g. Biomat) you could be restricted from offering non-disclosed products or services the day of the show.

Contact information you would like to be displayed on the HHHExpos website. Use this only if you do not want to use the contact information you have provided above. Limit 255 chars.

A short description of your booth. Product/service offerings etc:
(Required) Limit 255 chars.

What is a "short" name booth that could be used on the map? (Required)

Business card ad in program (must provide digital file) @ $35 Yes
You will be contacted for the file after your application is approved.

Enhanced web listing @ $25 Yes
(have a vendor listing like the featured lectures) see the 2013 archive for an example. Listings will be updated in June, August, and September

Electrical hook up @ $20 Yes
Bring your own extension cord. Not available for Reader Booths.

Extra badges (max 2) @ $5
Enter Qty

Are you willing to participate in the healing passport? YesNo
The healing passport will be based on booth locations to ensure spread out spacing throughout the show. If you elect not to participate we will ensure you are not placed in these locations.

Do you have a place to put a lawn sign to promote the expo?

Do you have a place to put a poster for the expo? YesNo

Would you like a media kit with additional advertising and promotional options? YesNo

Would you be interested in purchasing pre-sale tickets to resell at a discount?
Qty @ $4.00

Would you be interested in purchasing more than 10 pre-sale tickets to resell at a discount? YesNo

Vendor Classification

Paintings/sculptureWood productsJewelry

NutritionNaturopathic DoctorClinical DoctorVet - AnimalBath & Body CareLawn CareAura Photography (Limit 1)Info - Promotional boothAura Photography Medial (Limit 1)Aura (other)School - ChurchSkin CareNerium (Limit 1)MeditationRetreat centerIridologyChiropractorAcupressureAcupunctureBio Mat (limit 2)Crystal HealingColor TherapyQuantum TouchLomi LomiNLP (Limit 1)EFTEar Candling (Limit 1)HypnotherapyMassage - Body WorkReikeEnergy workReflexology (Limit 2)Movement TherapySound TherapiesTuning ForksWellness CenterFitness CenterSpa - salonFoot Detox (Limit 2)Other

Music instrumentsCrystalsDrumsCDs - MediaBooks - AuthorCandles IncenseClothingGlass - CeramicAngelsNative AmericanEastern GoodsSoapsJuice Plus (Limit 1)Do Terra (Limit 1)Young Living (Limit 1)Aromatherapy (Other)Zija Water (Limit 1)Other

Angel ReaderAnimal PsychicAstrologyChannelMediumNumerologyPalmistryPsychicPsychometryGemstone readingsTarotTea LeafRunesMedical IntuitiveOther

Baked Goods (Limit 2)Jam's - Jellies (Limit 2)HoneyNatural teasMeatsProduce (Limit 2)Hand created pet treatsMaple SyrupSauces (other)Eggs and other farm productsPlants including herbs (Limit 2)Other

Event and Contract Information

  1. Any changes or alteration to this contract are valid if and only if it is agreed upon in writing by both parties as a contract addendum.
  2. Sharing a booth space is allowed, however both parties must fill out a contract.
  3. Vendors must park off site of the venue in designated areas. Exceptions are made for medical reasons or handicap. Onsite parking passes are available at cost of $50.00 each. If you can park at Goddess Elite, and take a shuttle please let us know.
  4. Space assignment can be changed at any time, for any reason at the discretion of HHHexpos. Booth assignments are decided by the order in which the contract is received, in addition to spacing similar vendors between the two fields.
  5. The contract duration will go from set up on October 16th starting at 4PM (setup) until exiting the premises after the show on October 18st no later than 9:00PM Eastern Standard time (set up also available on the 18th starting at 8AM. It is encouraged but not required that all booths must be set up completely 1 hour before the expo opens at 11:00AM as people tend to arrive early and if everyone is set up we can let them in. Earlier set up is available for a fee of $30.00 dollars/hour. Late tear down is $30.00/half hour
  6. Compliance with any requirements for permits, licenses, tax payments or insurance required in the conduct of business of this show plus securing insurance coverage is solely the responsibility of the vendor.
  7. Wifi is expected to be available; however we are not responsible for internet connection
  8. Vendor shall not use, or permit the use, premises for any unlawful purpose or in violation of any law, order, or regulation of any governmental authority or any restrictive covenant relating to the use or occupancy of the premises. Vendor shall not permit any waste or misuse of the premises. HHH reserves the right to disconnect any equipment it reasonably deems to be a fire hazard. Vendor shall not display any object deemed offensive or in poor taste, nor shall the vendor display any material that would constitute a fire hazard. Further, Vendor agrees to remove at the request of the expo that is deemed to be offensive.
  9. Vendor agrees not to burn incense or diffuse other scents.
  10. Vendor shall bear the risk of loss arising from damage to or loss of Vendor's personal property and trade fixtures located on the Premises. Vendor shall bear the risk of loss arising from any interruption of business. Vendor shall bear the risk of, and vendor shall save HHHexpos, and it's affiliates and workers harmless from loss, cost or expense by reason of claims for personal injury and property damage arising out of vender's occupancy of the Premises, whether due to the fault of Vendor or others, excepting only the fault of HHHExpos in the event that the show is unable to occur at the location and times specified in this agreement due to any cause outside of HHHExpos control. Then Vendor shall waive any claims for damages except that Vendor will be entitled to a refund of any deposit moneys actually paid to HHHExpos or its affiliates.
  11. Vendor shall not reassign or sublet the space rented to them without prior written agreement from HHHExpos.
  12. Without written consent from the Soccer Sportsplex as well as HHHExpos, the vendor will make no alteration of or addition to the premises including (without limitation) painting, drilling, or attaching fixtures.
  13. Vendor agrees to bring no outside food or drink into the Soccer Sportsplex, as the Soccer Sportsplex mandates that all food and beverages are purchased from them.
  14. Vendor agrees they will not break down their booth/display prior the ending of the event. Vendors agree to park only in designated vendor areas
  15. Vendor agrees to return the badges at the end of the show, or pay to replace them at the cost of $5.00 each.
  16. If you show up the day of the show with something you did not disclose on the vendor information form, you may be restricted from offering that product or service during the show, and no refund or compensation will be given. It is vital that you fill out the vendor information form accurately and in full detail of what you offer.
  17. Cancelations up to 4 weeks prior to the event receive a full refund less a $50.00 administration fee. Cancelations <4 weeks prior to the event receive a refund contingent upon us filling your spot (and we will make every effort to do so). Provided your spot can be filled you still receive a refund minus a $50.00 administration fee. We reserve the right to change this policy depending on special circumstances.

Contract Acknowledgement

  • I acknowledge that I have read the HHHExpos vendor/rental contract
  • I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract.
  • I agree that I will seek permission from HHHExpos prior to sharing my booth space
  • I agree as Contract Vendor to be responsible for all payments
  • I agree as Contract Vendor, to inform all helpers, employees, or any other party representing at my booth of these terms and conditions
  • I agree to notify HHHExpos of any change in contact information, including address, phone number, and e-mail
  • I understand that the submission of this application does not guarantee a spot in the expo

Submitting an application does not guarantee accpetance into the Expo. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. When application is approved, you will be issued an invoice for a non-refundable $50.00 deposit with the balance due by August 31st. You will have the option to pay online with major credit card or PayPal. Check or money order payments should be made out to "HHH" or "Melissa Wiles" and mailed Attn: Melissa Wiles, 23140 Lorain Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070.

By checking the following box you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms shown above. You will not be able to submit this form if you do not accept the terms.

Please enter the characters shown in the image in the box on the right.

Lecture Information

Lecture applications are a separate online form. Please fill out the lecture form online. Lecture approvals are based on our need to balance holistic vs. metaphysical topics. Spaces are filled from the center of the day outward, or based on preference. The last spaces to fill are the ones that are in competition with our featured speakers. If you lectured last year, please submit your application for a new talk.